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Graphic Designer | Brainstorm Guru | Brand Strategist | Creativepreneur

I am an African female content creator who uses graphic design & writing to connect with like-minded people to catch a vybe & collaborate on awesome projects. I’ve been designing since before 2000 and blogging since 2005. While that seems like quite some experience, it almost means nothing in this digital age. I have learned to keep growing in my knowledge of content creation, by always pushing myself in my craft; and I hope to share that know-how, in writing and imagery, here with you.

The year 2020 has been quite the eye-opener. I had started to lose myself there for a while, but I took a beat and decide to rediscover myself. As part of exploring my destiny, I gifted myself an X-Men’s Storm inspired avatar. It's designed to remind me of my life-long love for graphic art, comics, the color purple, and punk rock. It also embodies my desire to take the African continent by storm using my graphic design, brand strategy, motivational speaking talents & skills. The avatar fantasy artwork is designed by uber-talented Kenyan Female Illustrator Nyambura Kariuki. To get your own email at

Learn more about my nearly 20 year graphic design & brand management career on my LinkedIn profile.

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COVID-19 Meme Project-Creative Sector's Repsonse to the Pandemic & Societal Issues 1

COVID-19 Meme Project: Creative Sector’s Response to Societal Issues

COVID-19 Meme Project: Creative Sector’s Response to Societal Issues I was asked to speak at the UNDP’s COVID-19 & the Creative Sector webinar. I spoke about our COVID-19 Meme Project […]
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Good, Good Father: A Devotional Take My Daddy Issues

I grew up knowing of my Father, but I did not physically live with him in our home. My Mum says we met when I was around 5 years old. […]
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Twitter For Organizations :: How to Use Twitter to Build Thought Leadership.

Last week, I was preparing for an interview on Writing & Blogging in Kenya with a leading news TV station. Even though I started blogging in 2005, writing since I […]

Poetry :: Let’s Remember This Energy

Featured image: “Why is Ending Racism a Debate” photographed by Misan Harriman founder of What We Seee.

#NewNormal :: Why Sleeping & Hydrating Will Remain Relevant.

The term self-care has been thrown around in recent years, but even more now that we’ve been home-bound in one way or another through COVID-19 restrictions. Pre-pandemic self-care to many […]

#MHD2020 :: Menstruation is Not Unsanitary. Period.

Today is Menstrual Health Day 2020, and it as the month of celebrating periods, draws to a close, I’d like to share my period story and a few thoughts that […]
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Digital Footprint :: How to Improve Your Online Presence

2,800 Words | 15min read  I just completed my LinkedIn profile the other day, thanks to #QuarantineLife, after many years of struggling to find the time to do so. I […]

Rebranding :: A Fresh Coat Of Paint vs. The Complete Overhaul

“Change, however slight, is necessary for survival. It is called adaptation. In our day to day lives, we rebrand in small, subtle ways and other times in big, significant ways. […]

Femmolution (2016): Not Today Lord! by Wambui JL

Adulting is hard. Today I broke down in the car, and not the misty eye movie type of cry but the good full-blown one. You know the kind that blurs […]