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Graphic Designer | Brainstorm Guru | Brand Strategist | Creativepreneur

I’ve been called a consummate creative by my peers, and it’s taken a while for me to accept that about myself. In essence, I have been at this for nearly 20years, and I still do have a burning passion for what I do. I create, I communicate and I love it. However, the year 2020 has given me, as it has a lot of us, a chance to consider if indeed I am on the right career path, and on purpose. I think it's only fair I follow this thread, to find out where it leads.

As part of exploring my destiny, I gifted myself an X-Men’s Storm inspired avatar. It's designed to remind me of my life-long love for graphic art, comics, the color purple, and punk rock. It also embodies my desire to take the African continent by storm using my graphic design, brand strategy, motivational speaking talents & skills.

The avatar fantasy artwork is designed by uber-talented Kenyan Female Illustrator Nyambura Kariuki. To get your own email at ohmydraws@gmail.com.

Learn more about my nearly 20 year graphic design & brand management career on my LinkedIn profile.

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