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First and foremost, as a note to myself, the next time someone challenges you to a 30 day challenge, please know it won’t be done in 30days instead it’ll be done in approx 60days (if you are lucky) cause life happens. Secondly, thank you to all who’ve read each, most […]


As I thought about what my last post would be, I remembered that a few weeks ago while attending a friend’s wedding, a lady came up to me and said how beautiful and radiant I looked. I was taken aback… but managed to mumble a hearty and honest “Thankyou.” You see, I […]


Many moons ago when I was four(ish), Mum let me listen to her tummy, while she was pregnant and therein was a lot of swooshing like something was moving in water (I got to learn the details of all that later in life). Then one morning Mum wasn’t home and […]